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Saturday 02 February 2019

In June, SSW Diane introduced our carers to the wonders of ‘Theraplay’, an attachment based therapy which supports relationships through play.

Using the natural patterns of healthy, playful interaction between children and their parent or caregiver, it’s a personal, physical and fun form of therapy and filmed Theraplay sessions can be used for reflective learning.

Theraplay builds attachments, boosts self-esteem and increases trust, leading to happier engagements.

These interactions focus on four essential qualities found in successful parent-child relationships:


To help a child trust and feel safe around them, the adult learns to give straightforward guidance and directions, keeping things clearer for the youngster.


Clear guidance enables the adult to interpret the child’s needs and respond with confidence, resulting in the sharing of joyful ‘here and now’ moments.

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The adult/child relationship is strengthened through healthy touch and creative experiences where comfort is sought and loving care is given.


Equipping the adult to push the child with a ‘can do’ attitude, understanding their limitations — resulting in a sense of achievement and courage to try new things.

Theraplay training

By increasing these connections between children and their caregivers, Theraplay sessions have proved popular and successful.

We’re collaborating with local services to provide training on how it can help carers increase their attachment to the young people in their care.

Theraplay training aids staff in understanding both the attachment needs of young people and how to share this knowledge with carers.

This simple but effective approach is fun and can transform relationships — with different options available.

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