Tony Adams Enters Benidorm or Bust 2019

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Tony Adams Enters Benidorm or Bust 2019

Some of you may remember that North Wales Carer Tony Adams entered the “Benidorm or Bust” car rally event last year with his transformed Vauxhall Zafira/Thunderbirds car. Well, this year he has gone bigger and better so we just had to find out more!

“Choosing this year’s car was difficult” explained Tony, “we looked back on all the rally entries over the last few years, and we wanted a car that no one had done before. There were a few ideas shortlisted and one being a Wacky Races car.Looking back at previous winners, all have been vehicles with an element of fun – so the Mean Machine it was.”

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“There are a few differences this year for us as a team. The car build has been massive and we have decided to not only drive the car to Benidorm but to bring it back too. If we are fortunate enough to win, the car could be worth more than just scrap. Bringing the car back means that we can take more. We usually fly back, so we have had to travel very light but now we can take a tool kit and spares.”

Wacky Races Purple Rally Car

“The car this year has been prepared much earlier, so we have been in a position to take it to more events. The car was revealed to the North Wales carers at a recent support group. It was great to see other carer’s enthusiasm, they did not hesitate to jump in and have photos taken.”

“2019 has brought us more success in terms of sponsorship. For example, a local garage has took us under their wing and has spent a whole week on the car for free. The mechanic at the garage has become so hooked on helping that he is planning to come with us if we repeat the trip next year!”

“As this is our third year, local firms are getting to know the team and help is never far away. I am asked all the time what we will be planning for next year but everyone will just have to wait. How long I’ll be doing this, who knows, as long as we come up with crazy ideas, I am in!”

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