Carer Recruitment Officer

Meet Abbie

I have worked for Pathway Care since 2014 originally as the Placement Officer so I have a good understanding of the referrals we receive. My new role began in 2018 and the main focus is to generate new enquiries from members of the public interested in becoming foster carers. This is achieved by engaging with the public and existing carers raising awareness of fostering within the community.

The main part of my role is undertaking home visits to prospective foster carers. I also support the applicants through the journey from enquiry to approval, supporting the training and assessment process. Once approved I support existing carers and enjoy meeting up!

“The main reason I love working for Pathway Care is knowing that I am making a difference to a child’s life. I work alongside the best people who are not only my colleagues but are friends for life. Everyone is supportive and the foster carers are just utterly amazing!”