Caitlyn’s Fantastic Achievement

As part of Sons and Daughters month we would like to congratulate Caitlyn Dodds for her recent achievement of receiving an “Outstanding Contribution by Sons and Daughters Award” which she will be receiving at the upcoming Fostering Excellence Awards on 26th October in London. Caitlyn has been a source of excellent support and encouragement to her Mother, who has been a foster carer with Fostering Relations for nearly three years, as well as the foster children and young people who have lived with their family.

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Making the decision to become a foster carer is a daunting prospect and would be impossible without the full support of the entire family – especially the carer’s children. Being able to stick together through the good times is an amazing gift.

We are all extremely proud of you and hope you enjoy your trip to London at the end of the month to pick up your award.

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