Father’s Day – Celebrating the Role of the Foster Dad

Father’s Day – Celebrating the Role of the Foster Dad

With Father’s Day almost upon us, it can pose the question for foster dads of whether or not the day should be celebrated. You obviously don’t want to replace a child’s biological father, but at the moment you’re the only immediate father-figure the child has. So how does Father’s Day work in a foster environment?


What’s your role?

Of course, plenty of children are away from their father’s on a daily basis due to divorce or separation. However, they usually still have their mother to turn to. With foster children, neither parent is constantly present, which can lead to all kinds of mixed emotions, especially on Father’s Day.

So what role can a foster father play on this important day? Well, why not have a “Foster Father Day”?

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While it is a difficult time, many foster children are simply happy to have someone who is there for them. So don’t be surprised if your foster child wants to celebrate Father’s Day with you. While it’s a sad fact that thousands of children are placed into foster care each year, what this does mean is there is a lot more recognition these days for the role of the foster parent. Children can even buy Foster Father’s Day cards, highlighting just how important the foster father’s role is in their lives.

Great ways to celebrate

One of the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day with a foster child is to give them their own special day and Foster Father’s Day can be just that. It is a great way of eliminating any feelings of being left out and can lessen the feeling of abandonment.

If they enjoy making things, why not get them to create a Foster Father’s Day card? Not only does this add to their excitement of being able to actually do something for Father’s Day, but it’s also something you can treasure forever.

On the day go to the zoo or take them out for a nice meal. Or simply enjoy a family game day. You’d be surprised just how much this can mean to the child.

While Foster Father’s Day can be a brilliant way to celebrate, it’s important to establish whether it’s something they actually want to do. Talk to them beforehand to find out how they feel about Father’s Day and whether they’d want their own special celebration. Some children may not so you need to make sure you don’t just spring it on them.

Overall Father’s Day can be difficult, but as long as you’re there to love, support and celebrate your own special relationship with them, that’s all that will matter on the day. So happy Foster Father’s Day to all of our incredible carers who do a fantastic job just by being there.

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