We’re looking for the next generation of foster carers

We’re looking for the next generation of foster carers

Statistics released during Foster Care Fortnight, by charity the Fostering Network, indicate a crisis looming for vulnerable children and young people in need of the safety and security of a foster home.

In a survey of 2,600 foster carers, the charity found 75% were aged 45 plus. A mere 4% fell into the 20 to 34 year age bracket.

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Robert Tapsfield, Chief Executive of the Fostering Network, undertook media interviews to spread the message that more young people aged 21 and over are needed urgently to avert the crisis.

Mr Tapsfield spoke of the wealth of experience and life skills offered by mature foster carers, but warned that at some point in 10-15 years, many would be looking towards retirement leaving a huge shortfall in this vital service. It’s vital we reach out to more younger people in their 20’s, 30’s & early 40’s and are clear that their age is not important, but rather their skills and qualities to look after fostered children.

Each day, 63,000 children are fostered by 52,500 carers. Every 20 minutes of every hour of every day, a child or young person comes into care. To cope with this demand alone, a further 8,600 new foster homes are needed this year.

Don’t let age be a barrier to you becoming a foster carer – young or not so young, the message is clear; it’s your skills and ability that count. Contact the Pathway Care Carer Recruitment Team on 0844 915 0101 or click here to take your next step towards becoming a foster carer.

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