Mockingbird Family Model

The Mockingbird Family Model is a unique wraparound fostering service, with a focus on placement stability and with carers and young person support at it’s core.

The Mockingbird model

Developed by The Mockingbird Society in America in 2004, has been adopted by NFA London and Heath Farm as an alternative and innovative approach to fostering. With strong relationships at its core, our carer ‘constellations’ are made up of between 6 to 10 fostering families with a ‘hub carer’ at the centre. The hub carers is an experienced foster carer, on hand to support mockingbird foster carers when they need a little extra help.

Being part of the Mockingbird model ensures you are truly part of a fostering family. Both the hub carer and team members organise regular social activities, for both young people and carers, meaning there is a real sense of community and ultimately providing all children in our care with a positive experience. NFA Fostering Family understand how important it is that our carers feel confident and empowered in their fostering role and being part our the Mockingbird model builds strong relationships and helps our foster cares to feel they have support around them, at all times.

The outcomes of adopting the Mockingbird really do help to build incredible futures for our young people. The constellation of fostering families, the hub carer, the team and the wider community, results in a supportive network where together, we can solve any problems at arise, to ensure we avoid placement breakdown where we can. With a one team approach, we can provide new opportunities for young people to learn, explore who they are and find their way in the world.