About NFA

Founded in 1995, the National Fostering Agency (NFA) provides high quality foster care that places the welfare of children at the centre of its work. We partner closely with Local Authorities and UK foster carers to create the best possible opportunities and outcomes for child fostering.

We also advise people on how to become a foster carer.

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Quality care and standards

We employ experienced, qualified staff and only recruit the highest quality foster carers, providing effective, ongoing training to develop skills and knowledge to make child fostering as effective as possible.

We implement a programme to monitor and manage each child’s fostering placement, working to individually tailored care plans. We maintain a 24-hour emergency support service to all our foster carers.

Improving outcomes for fostering UK

The National Fostering Agency is totally committed to the improvement of foster placements for every child we look after. And, as a leading agency for fostering in the UK, the National Fostering Agency can demonstrate the real impact of the foster care it provides

Child fostering outcomes and individual placement recordings for each child are securely recorded on our Management Information System. These records are freely available to all placing authorities who have foster children placed throughout the UK with the National Fostering Agency.

Proud partners

The National Fostering Agency is proud to partner with so many loyal and dedicated foster carers, without whom this child fostering service in the UK would not exist. In fact, many of our foster carers have been with the National Fostering Agency since its earliest days. In partnership, we make fostering UK wide decisions that change lives every day.