Help every step
of the way

that’s our kind
of fostering

With NFA you are never on your own. You will be part of a wider team of professionals who are all working together, to give you the support and training you need.

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Outstanding training

And support on hand 24/7

Our high quality, flexible training courses help you gain knowledge and confidence, and are completely free to all our foster carers. Available locally, or online, they start at the beginning of your assessment, and continue as you develop more specialist foster caring skills. After training, you will also work with your own social worker who will be there to support you, together with social work colleagues on call, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Not every fostering agency offers this round the clock support, on top of weekly calls and monthly visits.

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A warm welcome

In your local fostering community

Many carers who join us find their local carer support group invaluable; they are a great place for foster carers to come together and share experiences.

We also provide access to trained mentors and membership of FosterTalk, all of which offers a great support network to call on.

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To give you and the young people you care for a good quality of life, we provide a generous fostering allowance. It’s worth knowing that on top of your personal tax allowance, foster carers are provided with a ‘qualifying care relief’ that can considerably reduce your tax bill. Everyone’s tax affairs are different, so it’s difficult to give general advice, but we can help you make the most of the tax advantages to being a foster carer.

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Not only the biggest.

Simply the best.

Since we were founded in 1995, the National Fostering Agency has grown to become the largest independent fostering agency in the UK. Our vision was never to become the biggest; it has always been to be "simply the best".