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Remand fostering

Young people can end up in the criminal justice system and need to be placed in foster care while waiting for their court date. As a remand foster carer, your support and encouragement can make a real difference in helping them into a better future.

What needs does a child in remand foster care have?

A child or young person fostered on a remand care basis will be looked after in a family environment while they await court dates for an offence they are alleged to have committed.

Remand foster care provides an alternative to being held in custody or secure accommodation. It gives these young people a chance to demonstrate positive changes to their behaviour in society.

They might be under strict bail conditions will have to attend court dates and meetings with solicitors – all of which they will need support with.

Children and young people in remand foster care may also have underlying issues that have contributed to their current situation – like neglect, mental health issues or special needs – that they might also require help with.

What you get from fostering a child awaiting remand

Unless you have a particular professional or personal background, remand fostering might sound like a daunting prospect, and it can certainly be challenging; but this might be said of all types of foster care.

Like all children and young people who require fostering, those needing remand foster care are just as vulnerable and in need of positive role models and a safe environment.

You will need experience of fostering and specialist training would be a plus (we offer this for free). If you can be supportive and non-judgemental, as well as disciplined and determined, you can make a difference to their future.

If you’ve been convicted of an offence yourself, and are keen to help other people turn their lives around, you might still be able to foster; a conviction doesn’t automatically exclude you.

Remember, you’re never alone as a foster carer for National Fostering Group: we’re there with you every step. We provide excellent support and training. You have a dedicated Supervising Social Worker who is backed by an experienced local team, access to 24/7 advice and excellent training delivered in your area.

If you think this type of fostering would suit you, please enquire now.

Remand fostering experiences

Jamie had become involved with gang culture and was dealing drugs – until he was hospitalised after a knife attack. He decided to change his lifestyle and moved in with remand foster carers Liz and Steve.

Liz and Steve helped Jamie stay in education and to maintain contact with his family. They also accompanied him to court appearances, where the court could see how he was supported by his foster carers.

Jamie now has paid work with a youth centre, where he had previously been volunteering. He has given talks to youth groups around London and is looking to apply to universities.

Read more about Jamie’s story of remand fostering. You might also be interested in Tim’s story – he’s an ex-offender who, thanks to his foster carer, turned his life around and is now a carer himself.

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