Fostering in Northampton

Children and young people are in need of fostering in Northampton and the surrounding area. Emergency, short term and long term placements are available. Join for free professional training, 24/7 support and peer support.

If you’re considering becoming a foster carer in Northampton, choose a fostering agency with local teams who will be with you every step.

National Fostering Group is the largest independent fostering agency in the UK with superb agency coverage across all regions – meaning you have the support of a team close to you.

One of the most established fostering agencies in Northampton, we work with local authorities to place children and young people in homes where they can thrive.

As a foster carer with us, you’ll have unparalleled access to professional support and excellent free training in and around Northampton. We want you to thrive too, being the best you can be in your role as foster carer.

On top of this, carers who are fostering in Northampton have a large and active peer network that includes more than a dozen local support groups.

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The most important element of support for me is having someone I know, and who knows the child, at the end of the phone at any time of day, even if it is Christmas morning. They couldn’t do more, they offer me everything I look for in an agency. Their support is second to none.

Jack, foster carer, Northampton

Fostering agencies in Northampton

  • Established for more than two decades, National Fostering Group has teams (agencies) across the UK
  • Our lead fostering agency in Northampton has been rated as GOOD by Ofsted
  • Our foster carers in Northampton and the surrounding areas have access to several foster parent support groups
  • We have many team offices across the Northampton area to support you 24/7
  • You will receive a generous fostering allowance for a child in your care
  • People from all walks of life are suitable to become a foster parent
  • Many types of fostering are available in Northampton, including emergency and long-term placements
  • You’ll get excellent free training on different aspects of fostering at a local venue

We know the level of support we gives makes a huge difference. For instance, Mr & Mrs W were anxious about looking after a sibling group of 4 children, as they were all very close in ages and they knew from training, as well as personal experience, they would have very different and individual needs.

However after discussing the referral with the referrals manager and myself, and getting further information about the children’s backgrounds, they felt that they were ready to offer the children a home full of love and nurture.

By involving the whole team around the children, the foster carers were provided with the support and guidance that they needed to meet the needs of the children and enable them to remain together.

Karen, supervising social worker, Northampton

Fostering in Northampton and the Midlands

Dozens of children and young people are in foster care or awaiting a foster parent in Northampton – and many more across the East Midlands.

National Fostering Group has local offices across the East Midlands and West Midlands including Peterborough, Luton, Milton Keynes, Bedford and across Northamptonshire.

Start your fostering journey with National Fostering Group

  • We have fostering agencies all across the UK
  • Over 3,000 carers already part of our family
  • Benefit from our local support groups and social workers