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Alliance Foster Care

Personable local support with nationally accredited fostering training courses

Our rural office in Northampton is well equipped to hold family-based events and activities on a regular basis, while we also provide local support to foster carers based all over the region, including Peterborough, Luton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northamptonshire and beyond.

Wherever you reside within Central England, rest assured that there will be a local team made up of your dedicated social worker who will visit you at least every four weeks, two family support workers, team managers and an engagement officer who ‘check in’ with you regularly and you can always call upon when needed.

Specialist fostering training delivered by experienced professionals at various central locations across the region as well as a wealth of online training is available for carers who may find it difficult to access training in the day. This enables you to build up your knowledge of fostering, ensuring you can be confident in your skills when the time comes to support a vulnerable child or young person. We are also lucky enough to have the services of a psycho-therapist who has an office within the agency, and offers direct consultations for our foster carers when they are concerned about children’s behaviour.

Foster Care Charter

  • 10 Support Groups

  • Ofsted Rating Outstanding

  • Small Sized Agency

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"Foster carers demonstrate an excellent understanding of the needs of those children and young people placed with them. They receive excellent support from agency staff and a wide range of training. They feel very much part of a team."

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