British Exploring Society – Wildestan

Tuesday 28 July 2020

British Exploring Society is a charity which works with young people to empower and equip them through challenging experiences to learn new skills, build confidence and determination for their future lives.

Every Tuesday from May and throughout the summer, British Exploring Society’s expedition leaders have been welcoming young people to areas all across the UK through Zoom on their free virtual expedition – Wildestan – bringing the wilderness to the explorer.

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During 30 minute sessions, Wildestan explorers can take part in a range of fun and interactive activities alongside other young people, learning a range of different skills – setting up a hammock, finding safe water to drink, exploring the outdoors without a compass and being transported to a basecamp – using only the ‘kit’ they can find in their own home.

One of National Fostering Group’s foster carers told us that their young person is “…loving them, really, really enjoying them. She is ready to go at 5 to 5 every week, she has learnt a lot and can’t wait for the real adventures to begin again. She finds it really difficult to mix in a group setting but she said to me that if she went now and met a big group it wouldn’t be so bad ‘as I know everyone’. I think it has given her a purpose and if you were to ask her, she would say she never would have thought she would have had this experience. She asked ‘why have they picked me?’ and I told her that it’s a reward for what she has been through because she has been through a lot… Wildestan gets a 10/10 from her.”

More information on the British Exploring Society and Wildestan can be found here.