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Caring Kids – February 2018

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Caring Kids is a group set up specifically for the birth children of Alliance Foster Carers. The group is held twice a year and provides an opportunity for children and young people to come together and discuss how fostering affects them.

On Wednesday 14th February, Alliance hosted a Caring Kids rebranding event. This was an opportunity for the birth children to take ownership of their group and make any changes that they felt would be beneficial. The session began with an activity that involved 2 well known types of biscuits (custard creams and bourbons), everyone was asked to select their preferred biscuit but not eat it. Then they sat in groups according to their biscuit choice and were asked to say what the biscuit represented to them and how could they rebrand it. Despite the group thinking it was an unusual task, they came up with some fantastic ideas, including different flavours, thinner biscuits and more exciting packaging. The groups then presented their ideas to one another, by the end of it we were thinking they could all secure themselves a job in the biscuit industry!

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The group were then asked what they thought of caring kids and if they would like to start thinking of any changes that could be made to improve it. They were also given the opportunity to break through the existing Caring kids wall so they could rebrand themselves as a group. Initially the group were reluctant to share their ideas, so we suggested that they may want to change the name of the group. They wanted a name that encapsulated their role within a foster family, they then floated the possibility of being called Timothy. This raised much laughter within the group especially when Will (support worker) wrote it in tiny writing on the suggestions board. It was decided that the group would continue to be known as Caring kids but they would have their own mascot called Timothy, and he would be a blue turtle. Ideas and thoughts were shared with plenty of hilarity over some of the suggestions and possibilities.

The group discussed the format of the caring kids sessions and whether they wanted them to continue as they were or do something completely different. The group decided that it was ok to cover important issues in the morning and do something fun in the afternoon. After all this heavy thinking (and laughter) it was time for lunch and to write their thoughts about their morning on the feedback wall.After lunch we played a game of catch and going down on one knee if you dropped it, this proved popular and enjoyed by all.

After our game it was time to head over to Irchester Jungle Parc. It was a freezing cold and wet day but nobody seemed to mind. The bravery of Team Timothy was phenominal and each and every member of the group did incredibly well. Cries of Timothy could be heard through the trees as the group tackled the dizzy heights of Jungle parc. Everone completed the courses and were rewarded with a hot chocolate in café.

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