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Children First Cultural Days!

Monday 19 June 2017


Here at Children First we are proud of the diversity within the agency and our young people.


We celebrate this at the same time of year as ‘Black History’ celebrations. Usually at end of October!
We arrange quizzes and games as well as music and food to highlight the positive differences between us all that we can share and enjoy.

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Carers and staff alike bring in food representing their cultures and backgrounds. We are encouraged to dress up in national costumes. The days usually have a theme – the 1st year we had quizzes around cultural heroes and in 2015 we went with national flags, costumes and music based quizzes. We decorate the room with themed images which everyone enjoys. We also have a selection of musical instruments from around the world and the team are pleased to join in and support our families!
The young people, not to mention the Carers and staff had a great day!
It is something we will continue to organise as a regular event.

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