Children First & Rovers Fostering Adventure

Monday 19 June 2017

Roving Rover is our new mascot!

Children First Fostering Agency is currently looking to recruit caring individuals who want to make a difference to a child or young person’s life, and to help people see how much of an effect fostering can have on a child’s life. We are looking at families from all backgrounds and size.
Rover is Children First ‘Mascot’ and honorary staff member, his role is to support the agencies activities and help carers and staff communicate with the young people within the Agency. His latest accomplishment is the publishing of ‘Rovers’ Fostering Adventure’
Rover is featured in our younger children’s guide that carry’s through his message and that of the agency. The office in Basildon also supports this ethic and Rovers is used to guide children and visitors around the building with useful ‘child friendly’ notices.

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‘Rovers Fostering Adventure’ is used to help young children understand what foster care is about at a level the young people understand.
Rover is also taken along to promote Children First. Rover, our cuddly mascot is used to help with recruitment events and break down barriers when communicating with children big or small.
If you are considering becoming a foster parent and would like to work with Children First Fostering Agency, an organisation that values experience, insight and mentoring its carers, simply contact us on 0808 178 1144