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February Holiday Club

Thursday 08 March 2018

Screen Test club – Part 2

On Monday the 13th of February we held the second part of our Screen Test Club in the Hub at Alliance. We had initially held the group in October half term and our young people had shared their experiences and ideas on staying safe and risky behaviours but had run out of time to complete their scripts and film. The original group was then invited back in February so that they could finalise their scripts and shoot their short films.

There was some slight changes to the group, but they adapted their ideas accordingly. Initially we played a fun warm up team game involving a ping pong ball, a straw and a cup. The group divided up into groups of four and competed against one another to see who could move the ball into the cup first. The young people all had great fun and demonstrated some resourceful ideas of how to transport ping pong balls into a cup.

Once the groups had completed their first task it was time to present them with their next challenge (obviously this was met with some initial reluctance). The group were given 11 short statements and they had to decide where there would rate them on a scale of ‘Safe to Unsafe.’ This activity prompted lots of discussion and it was fantastic for the young people to debate their opinions about seemingly ‘normal’ situations, which all contained elements of risky behaviours.

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The group then got together in their previously established groups and they chatted about ideas and they decided that they wanted to use one of the statements from the earlier activity and base their script around that. Once their creative juices began to flow, both groups came up with a script and began rehearsing their ideas in preparation for them to be filmed.

When the filming was complete, the groups celebrated by playing an impromptu game of catch with some weird and wonderful twists. There was lots of laughter to be heard and it was a good opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves.

All that was left to do after the game was to christen the new feedback wall. The young people really enjoyed being able to draw on the wall and provided us with some great feedback on the event.

We are currently in the process of working alongside two of our young people from the group to come and edit them and put some professional final touches to the work. These videos can then hopefully be used in CSE training for foster carers.

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