Find Out How You Can Make a Difference for Foster Care Fortnight 2018

Friday 18 May 2018

Foster Care Fortnight is back for 2018, and we’re on a mission to showcase the transformational power of fostering by telling you more about this year’s event and some of the ways you can get involved.

Whether you’re a foster carer or not, this is your chance to learn about the impact of fostering and the difference it can make to the lives of vulnerable young people across the UK.

Find out more about Foster Care Fortnight and how you can get involved below.

What is Foster Care Fortnight and when will it take place?

Foster Care Fortnight is the UK’s biggest foster care awareness campaign, raising the profile of fostering and showcasing the difference it can make to the lives of vulnerable young people. The event was created by leading fostering charity, The Fostering Network over twenty years ago, and has since gone on to become the most effective foster care recruitment campaign in the UK.

In 2018, Foster Care Fortnight is taking place from 14th to 27th May, and is expected to be the most successful event to date. The campaign is spearheading a recruitment drive to achieve 7,000 new foster families in the next 12 months; carers which are desperately needed to help look after the thousands of children and young people currently reliant on social care up and down the country.

Start your fostering journey today

At the NFA, we’re proud to support Foster Care Fortnight and its mission to not only raise awareness for the importance of fostering but challenge the misconceptions which surround it. We believe all children deserve to have a happy, safe and rewarding life, and are committed to helping the next generation of foster carers get the help and support they need to be the difference in a child’s life.

How to get involved in Foster Care Fortnight 2018


Whether you’re new to fostering or have been a carer for many years, there are several ways you can get involved in Foster Care Fortnight 2018 and help spread awareness of fostering on a national scale. And, even if you don’t currently foster, you can still show your support for the campaign and have your say on The Fostering Network’s annual recruitment drive.

Here, we look at some of the simple ways you can take part in #FCF18.

Share your stories

From your fondest memories to your most challenging moments, sharing your foster care stories is the perfect way to highlight the rewarding experiences you’ve had as a foster carer. Existing foster carers are invaluable in promoting fostering to a broader variety of people from all walks of life, so head online and start sharing your stories to show your support for Foster Care Fortnight by using the hashtag #FCF18.

Answer questions and offer advice

No matter how long you’ve been a foster carer, your unique and personal experience of caring for a child could help others on their road to becoming a dedicated foster family. As the #FCF18 campaign kicks off on social media, many prospective carers will be seeking help and advice on getting into fostering, and hearing about your experiences could be the nudge they need to make that all-important first step.

Show your support across social media

#FCF18 is taking to all social channels to spread the message about fostering, so make sure you show your support for the campaign across all your social profiles, be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

To help people show their support, The Fostering Network has created downloadable resources for you to fill out and share across your social networks. This is a great way of showing your support and feeling a part of the UK’s wider fostering community. There are also ‘proud to have been fostered’ placards for young people and care leavers who too want to shout about their support for #FCF18, and the positive impact it can have on young people just like them.

Make a donation to the Foster Care Fortnight campaign

By pledging a small amount to the Foster Care Fortnight campaign, you’ll help cover the cost of additional resources like marketing and support that will help The Fostering Agency raise awareness of fostering and reach its goal of achieving 7,000 new foster families over the next 12 months.

Find out more about how to donate to #FCF18 and The Fostering Network.

Become a foster carer today

With thousands of young people in need of a loving home across the UK, the main goal of Foster Care Fortnight is to recruit more people to become loving and dedicated foster carers. So, no matter what your background, race, sexuality or religious beliefs, you can make all the difference by opening your heart and your home to a child in need for Foster Care Fortnight 2018.

Find out more about becoming a foster carer with the NFA.

Transforming lives: How fostering can make a difference


At the NFA, we see young people transformed by fostering every day, and are proud to work with hardworking foster families across the country whose commitment, love and support are changing children’s lives forever.

As part of our work in supporting foster carers and looked after children, we partner with charities and organisations across the country who too want to make a difference to the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable youngsters. Whether building confidence or making friends, taking part in these initiatives can have a hugely positive impact on those involved, transforming their lives for the better.

Recently, we collaborated with the Unity Dance Company on a project which saw several of our looked after children take part in a performance of street dance. As well as creating the video below, the children were invited to perform at the North London Children’s Achievement Awards – an unforgettable moment they may never have enjoyed without the help and support of a loving foster family.

Foster carer or not, we need your help to shine a light on fostering throughout Foster Care Fortnight, so share your stories and join the conversation today using the hashtags #FCF18 and #ProudToFoster.

Ready to take the next step on your fostering journey? Visit the homepage for help, advice and support, or call us today on 0330 022 9135.