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Finding the perfect match – fostering children with special needs

Wednesday 02 June 2021

Beccy and Mike, foster carers, who have a son with additional needs, started their fostering journey 8 years ago with Five years ago, they were matched with a child with autism and communication and learning difficulties.

Beccy said “We already had experience and training in this area therefore the match was perfect.”

Beccy and Mike explain that a child with special needs has a more limited knowledge and understanding of the world, as well as difficulty with their ability to communicate their wishes, feelings, wants and needs, therefore it is vitally important to really get to know the children’s cues, body language and anticipate the children’s needs, as well as ensuring the home is fitted and safe for them too.

Beccy said “the rewards have outweighed any challenges”.

Getting a good night sleep was previously a challenge, however, after establishing firm routines and boundaries, the children have got into the habit of following a good sleep pattern.

They have been providing lots of opportunities for play and sensory satisfaction with water, gloop, glitter, sensory lights, balls, chew toys and much more, as well as encouraging safe climbing on park apparatus and climbing frames within their garden.

Beccy and Mike have said that the children’s learning and development is improving significantly, they are much calmer and their understanding and communication skills have improved.

“We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to care for these children, we are excited to see the progress which they continue to make.”

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering, please take a look at our website here for more information.

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