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Fostering Changes

Friday 18 January 2019 are proud to be offering the BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering) Fostering Changes training programme for foster carers on ‘How to improve relationships and manage
difficult behaviour’.

The course is run across 10 to 12 sessions and covers most aspects of fostering, e.g. understanding behaviour, how to help children regulate their emotions,
education and setting limits. The course has some theory but focuses on practical skills and suggestions to help carers to continue to build positive
relationships with the children in their care and explore strategies to manage difficult behaviours. The course is very interactive and takes into
account foster carers individual situations.

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The course is being facilitated by fp.c staff members who have been trained to deliver the course and they are enthusiastic and passionate about its contents.
It is still early days but the course has already been completed by fp.c carers in Swindon and Hampshire and the feedback has been very positive. It
is hoped all carers will have the opportunity to take part in the course at some point in their fp.c fostering journey.

One of our foster carers, who is taking the course in Hampshire had the following to say:

“I wish I’d had this training years ago, the ability to learn new ways of dealing with situations that arise. The group is the right size, I feel comfortable
to discuss what has gone right and what has gone wrong, without being judged. My relationship with my foster children has improved. I’m very grateful
for two lovely trainers who have given me confidence to try new ideas.”

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