National Fostering Group Podcast

Monday 04 October 2021

What is life as a foster carer really like? How does it make a difference to your life as well as the children you welcome into your home?

Find out by tuning in to our new four-part podcast series. Hear our foster carers share their stories and experiences, and talk about the difference they’re making to the children and young people in their care.

The episodes!

Episode 1: Life before Fostering

The first question people ask most foster carers is “How did you become a foster carer?” In this episode, we’ll explore the careers, experiences and life choices that lead some of our foster carers to the fostering journey they’re on today.

Episode 2: Fostering & Me

Who are foster carers and what does it mean to be part of a fostering family? We’ll hear from a birth child within a fostering family on how it has changed her outlook on life, and how decisions made in fostering families have a ripple effect across other people’s lives.

Episode 3: The First Child

Emotions are high, it’s a big moment for a foster carer, but let’s step back and look at what the child or young person will be feeling coming into a new home. We’ll look at how our foster carers approach the event through the eyes of a child and how foster carers prepare a safe, welcoming space for a child coming into their care.

Episode 4: My Fostering Life

Let’s talk about routines, planning and resilience, and the characteristics we value as individuals that are skills our foster carers bring to this important role every day.

National Fostering Group is the largest independent fostering agency in the UK, with more than 3,000 foster carers across the country. This means we can offer better support and training than any other provider in the country, helping you be at your best in this important role.

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