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NFA Foster Care Fortnight 2016

Friday 13 May 2016

Foster Care Fortnight plays an important part in raising the profile of the fundamental work that foster carers do around the UK, helping to attract new carers and celebrate the impact of those already involved in fostering.

This year’s event, run in association with The Fostering Network, will take place from Monday May 16th through to Sunday May 29th.

Why is Foster Care Fortnight important?

According to The Fostering Network, over 9,000 new foster families are needed in the UK over the next year alone. These families will play a crucial part in providing full-time and respite care for babies, young children, older children, sibling groups, disabled children and children seeking asylum.

Start your fostering journey today

By taking time to raise the profile of foster caring in the press and celebrating its role within communities, The Fostering Network hopes to strike a chord with those who may not have considered fostering before as well as encouraging action from individuals and couples who have contemplated fostering but not yet taken their first steps.

Here at NFA, we’re always happy to hear from potential carers who would like to learn more about working with us or about fostering in general. Our staff will be on hand to answer any queries you have during Foster Care Fortnight 2016.

Getting involved in Foster Care Fortnight

Along with sharing information about fostering and attracting new people and families into becoming foster carers, Foster Care Fortnight also takes on a fundraising focus for The Fostering Network charity during the middle weekend of the period (Saturday 21st and 22nd May).

Over the course of the fortnight you may find that special talks or events are being held in your area. Individuals are also being encouraged to share their support for Foster Care Fortnight on social media. In particular, the focus will be on this year’s theme “Time to Foster, Time to Care”. The idea is to urge people to take action and get involved in fostering sooner rather than later. You will find resources and materials to support Foster Care Fortnight events on The Fostering Network website including daily social media themes for each day.

If you’d like to get involved in fundraising for the charity, The Fostering Network is inviting people to hold their own Foster Bake, Foster Walk or even to create their own 20-minute challenge. Perhaps there is a unique and quirky task that you can do as a family? You could try sitting in a bath of custard, holding a spelling competition or even holding a sponsored silence – it’s totally up to you.

Will you be attending any events for Foster Care Fortnight or do you plan to get creative and come up with your own 20-minute challenge? If Foster Care Fortnight has made you think more about how you could improve children’s lives by becoming a foster carer, why not check out our post Can I foster? or get in touch with our helpful team. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Find out if you could be a foster carer
Find out if you could be a foster carer
In a few simple questions, you’ll know if you’re suitable to apply to become a foster carer.