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Parent and Child Fostering

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Our Parent and Child foster placements provide a cost effective option to support the needs of what can often be a challenging situation. The services use our specialist foster carers who have the skills, experience and commitment to accommodate parent/s and children in a supportive home setting.

These placements offer some distinct advantages over residential placements including consistent support in a family environment, the opportunity for parents to maintain significant links with their local networks, vital for transitions to independent parenting, and continuity of care for the child if the outcome is separation from the parent.

Our specialist carers provide practical parenting skills and support within the boundaries of a family home, enabling emotional support, stability and guidance to parents. Carers selected for these types of placements are rewarded with an enhanced support package including 24-hour telephone support, weekly supervision visits, specialist training and development, and access to professional support groups.

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The development of a range of services enables us to be more responsive to particular needs and situations while offering our Local Authority customers and parents more choice. We have a number of experienced, trained carers who have shown special aptitude and skills in this area and are able to offer a range of Parent and Child placements including:

Pre-Birth Placements

These placements provide a secure and stable base enabling young people to prepare for the birth of their child whilst also learning parenting and independent living skills and understanding their own and their baby’s needs.

Parent and Child Arrangement

Specialist placements with high supervision and recording contributing to the parenting assessment completed by the Local Authority in a supported family environment.

Parent and Child Assessment Placements

We are able to offer a comprehensive twelve-week Parenting Assessment with social work staff trained in the delivery of PAMS assessments, or alternatively we can offer bespoke Parenting Assessments around the Core Assessment Framework and in line with individual court instruction.

All assessments are subject to thorough risk assessment and an Initial Placement/Assessment Plan, where a clear structure of assessment is identified with agreement from all parties. Daily carer recording and weekly or fortnightly reviews are maintained throughout the assessment period in order that Local Authorities are aware of progress and developments; a midway report can be made available if requested.

Assessments have three core phases allowing parents to settle into placement and have parenting modelled to them by trained carers initially before parenting semi-independently and following the midway review, by agreement, to parent independently under observation.

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