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Psychotherapist Support at Alliance Foster Care

Saturday 02 February 2019

Hi, I’m Claire.

I’m a psychotherapist and founder of the psychotherapeutic services provision at Broad Horizons. My background includes working as a social worker as well as a university lecturer in counseling and psychotherapy and more recently I have been providing specialist training for carers at Alliance Foster Care.

In addition, I work directly with children and young people and provide one-to-one consultations with Alliance foster carers with the aim of providing them with the understanding and strategies required to manage the day to day challenges that fostering may bring.

September’s ‘Go Away, I love You’ course provides insights into some of the latest research and interventions in attachment theory and trauma. Attendees gain an understanding of new practical approaches to supporting children and young people, through exploring these subjects ‘through the eyes of the child’.

Nurturing carers

I’ve always valued the child-centred ethos of Alliance and how therapeutic principals underpin the team and in turn foster carers approach to fostering.

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Both myself and Alliance look at the holistic needs of every child and promote the most appropriate services to support them.

The foster carers do an amazing job, and a big part of what I do is helping foster carers prioritize their own wellbeing, reminding them that they can look after children better if they also look after themselves.

Some children will experience multiple placements, which may have a lifelong effect on their wellbeing — we recognise the importance of stability in addressing this. With training and support, we help nurture carers through challenging times which improves the stability of placement experiences for our young people.

Head over to Alliance Foster Care to learn more about their therapeutic services, office location and the benefits of fostering with Alliance.

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