Step Down Care – Making a Difference

Monday 28 November 2016

Step Down Care – Making a Difference

All our foster carers make a huge difference to the vulnerable children who come into their care. However, there are certain types of foster care that, while a little more challenging, make a significant difference. Step Down foster care, whilst at times challenging, is one of the most rewarding types of care you can provide.

What is step down foster care?

Step Down care helps vulnerable children to prepare for the move from residential care into a foster home.

Many children in residential care have come from a neglectful home and have had a challenging past. They may not have received the one-on-one care and support they have needed throughout their young lives, and as a result they can have many unresolved issues. These issues need to be addressed before they move into a full-time foster family, and this is where Step Down care comes in.

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Why is step down foster care so important?

Step Down foster carers make a huge difference to the children who come into their care. Owing to the often neglectful backgrounds that these children have come from, they can suffer behavioural and emotional problems. This can make it harder to find longer-term foster placements for these vulnerable children. Step Down foster carers provide the much needed stability, structure and support to their lives, enabling them to better adapt when placed into their new foster home.

Challenging yet extremely rewarding

There is no denying that Step Down foster care can be extremely challenging. However, we provide 24-hour support and extensive training to ensure all of our Step Down foster carers have the confidence and the skills to succeed. You will also be working closely with other health professionals, such as clinical psychologists, so you will never be alone. Our fully trained, and friendly team are by your side every step of the way.

To see the vulnerable young person in your transition into happier, healthier and more positive individual is incredibly rewarding. In fact, it’s one of the most rewarding types of foster care you can be part of.

If you have the patience, love and understanding to really make a difference and help a vulnerable child in residential care, then we’d love to hear from you.

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