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Team focus: your local fostering agency in North Wales

Monday 02 August 2021

“People are attracted to Fostering Solutions because we are a small and friendly agency,” says Julie Grant, Fostering Manager.

“But they also love all of the training and resources we offer and the many additional bonuses that come from being part of a large group.”

Julie’s team looks after the fostering placements of 35 foster carers and 60 children. The fostering agency, which is part of National Fostering Group, covers North Wales from their headquarters in Wrexham over to Anglesey.

The team

Julie is proud that all staff know each of its fostering families personally. This intimate, family-friendly culture is a core part of the agency’s identity – the sense of belonging to a wider family is something the team – and the foster carers – value very much.

“As one of our foster carers, you’re part of our family even after you retire!” said Julie.

“We continue to send birthday cards to our post-18 foster children and invite them to come along to outings.

“Throughout the year we recognise and reward achievements, however small, by both children and foster carers.

“We always include birth children at all events and outings.  I’m so proud of this agency and everything we do and achieve for our children and the families we work with.”

The wider fostering family

Most of the foster carers know each other, too. “Our foster carers are very sociable, and they missed being able to meet in person,” said Julie. “But our face-to-face support groups have started again across North Wales, from Wrexham to Anglesey.

“Any foster carer can join any group, which means they can meet people from other areas if they want to.  Wherever you are as one of our foster carers, there is always a support group near you.

“Our foster carers also have their own WhatsApp and Facebook groups, as well as a buddying scheme, so there is always someone to talk to and discuss things with.”

The wider fostering family

As part of National Fostering Group, Fostering Solutions Wales is able to offer exceptional support and training, which other smaller agencies don’t have.

Julie added: “During lockdown, we were able to continue training using our online portal and virtual classrooms, and the calibre of our training provision actually improved.”

One of the other ways that Fostering Solutions families benefit from being part of National Fostering Group is through the many perks the group offers.

These include financial incentives, high street discounts and membership of the National Fostering Network.  Foster carers receive discount cards for attractions, cinema, theatre and shows, too.

What next for Fostering Solutions?

The relaxation of Covid restrictions means the fostering agency has begun to organise events and activities again. These normally happen regularly throughout the year.

Always popular are barbecues, picnics and beach outings, as well as craft activities and charity fundraisers.

A group of retired foster carers recently held a fundraising event which was supported by all foster carers.

Want to become a foster carer in North Wales?

Dozens of children are seeking foster families who can help them thrive. People from all walks of life are suitable for fostering, especially if you’ve worked with children before.

When you become a foster carer working with Julie and her team, you’ll receive fantastic training that will help you become the best you can be in your role, plus a generous fostering allowance.

Becoming a foster carer usually takes around four months, though we are able to fast track some applicants on an eight-week approval process.

If you’d like to know more, contact Julie’s fostering team for more information or an informal chat.

Find out if you could be a foster carer
Find out if you could be a foster carer
In a few simple questions, you’ll know if you’re suitable to apply to become a foster carer.