The Best Attractions and Things to Do with Children During Half-Term

Monday 04 February 2019

The February half-term can sometimes be a tricky one for foster families. Firstly, there’s the problem of chilly weather, which can make it difficult to plan outdoor activities in advance. Some visitor centres and attractions may even be closed at this time of year, so it’s worth checking before you go. Then, there’s the cost; with Christmas not long out of the picture, many people could still be feeling the pinch, so you’ll have to budget accordingly.

That’s not to say the February half-term is a write-off, however. With a little forward planning and a think-outside-the-box approach, your family can enjoy a fun-filled holiday that won’t break the bank.

To inspire your half-term holiday plans, here we look at some of the best attractions and things to do with children this February. We’ve included day-out ideas and activities you can enjoy at home, so even the weather won’t dampen your plans.

Attractions, Events and Days Out for the February Half-Term

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If you’re hoping to get out and about with the family this half-term, there are plenty of places to go. Remember, though, that some outdoorsy activity centres may be closed at this time of year, including things like theme parks and petting zoos. For this reason, we’ve focused on attractions that aren’t weather-permitting – so your plans needn’t change if February’s forecast takes a turn.

 To make it easier to find attractions in your local area, we’ve added our recommended day-out destinations to an interactive map below:

 Activities and Resources

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Looking to make your own fun and spend some quality time with the family this half-term? Here, we share our tips and recommendations on how to keep the children happy, stimulated and entertained this half-term – whether outside or in.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

There’s no excuse for children to feel bored during the half-term holiday, with loads of free activities to keep them entertained or get them creating. Our guide to free family activities for children of all ages is a helpful resource for carers at a loose end about what to do with their children during the half-term, and we’ve even categorised our suggestions by age group to make things easier.

Get Them Reading

We think there’s nothing quite like curling up with a good book when it’s raining outside, so if the weather forecast looks a little grim over the February holiday, be sure to stockpile a few books to keep the children away from endless TV and gaming time. If you’re in need of inspiration on which books to recommend to your children, check out our top picks for World Book Day.

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Turn a Family Walk into a Treasure Hunt

If you want to get the children out the house when they’re reluctant to walk, liven things up by adding a treasure hunt element. Whether you go for the children’s favourite, Pokémon Go, or delve into the wonderful world of geocaching, there are many ways to turn a family walk into something more exciting – keeping the children active in the process.

Find Attractions and Events in Your Area

Not inspired by our pick of half-term attractions? No problem, as there’s still lots of other days out to choose from. The internet has made it really easy to find attractions and things to do in your local area, so head online and see what’s available. We’d recommend sites like day out with the kids, which features 6,500+ day-out ideas across the UK.

Be Creative on Rainy Days

Given there’s a very real chance that the February half-term could be a washout, you need to have a few ideas up your sleeve on how to keep the kids entertained when it’s wet outside. Don’t settle for letting them watch hours of TV; instead, think about activities that will get your child feeling creative and energised. We love this rainy day activities guide, which features 50 simple and affordable ideas for those wet, half-term days indoors.

We hope you’ve been inspired to try something new with your family this February half-term. For more foster care tips, head to our blog. If you’d like to find out more about becoming an NFA foster carer, visit our homepage or call us today on 0330 022 9135.