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The Rewards of a Foster Carer!

Monday 19 June 2017

Children First are always delighted when approved carers make referrals to the recruitment team.


2 families recommended by the same family were visited and proceeded to a full assessment, being approved as foster carers.
As a result of referring carers received the appropriate number of Rewardlines points which equated to approx. £750.00 in ‘Love to Shop’ vouchers. They were able to put these vouchers to really good use and have been out purchasing items for a new home they are looking to move into to continue to support a sibling group who will be staying with the family permanently.

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This is a real example of how carers recommending others can really show benefits in many ways, not only to the carers involved in monetary terms but more importantly in the longer term and in a tangible way to the young people we provide care for with our fabulous group of foster carers.
Rewardlines has been replaced by Rewardclub which works in a similar way but with a much more up to date method for spending.
One of our cares at Children First recently was awarded points with carers recommended was approved and first young person placed- this equated to £500.
Very worthwhile!

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