Alliance Foster Care’s Partnership with Service Six

Service Six is a leading community charity, offering therapeutic support to many children, young people, adults and families throughout the Northamptonshire area.

We joined forces with them in 2017, to collaborate in sharing knowledge and resources.

This now means Service Six can use our onsite training suite, while Alliance staff and carers gain access to training courses delivered to (and by) Service Six staff.

Building on this relationship, we’ve introduced the TARGET project developed by Service Six, to benefit the children in our care.

The project was created to challenge increasing dangers to children and young people online, a priority concern for all of us.

The TARGET acronym stands for:





Exploitation &


— of children and young people online.

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Specialist relevant training on project content is now delivered to our team members and carers by Service Six staff.

A shared ethos

Claudia Slabon, Service Six chief executive has emphasised the importance of communicating online safety via multiple channels.

The messages of TARGET can be shared through the work of schools, parents or guardians but should always retain relevance for younger people.

Service Six’s expertise and experience in ensuring these important communications remain engaging is invaluable.

Claudia highlighted the benefits of the collaboration between Alliance and Service Six, commenting:

‘It works so well because we share the same ethos and there’s always a line of communication between both organisations.

‘This joined-up way of working allows team members from both sides to enhance the work of each other, creating the best outcome for the young person involved.’

In our first year of partnership, the benefits have been huge — not just for our foster carers but also for the young people they support.

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