International Drop a Rock Day

Today is ‘International Drop a Rock Day’, where people around the world will paint a rock with the same message and hide it for another person to find.

The theme this year is “You Matter”

How to participate:

1. Paint a rock with “You Matter” and then hide it somewhere for someone else to find

2. If you find a rock, you can choose to keep the rock or re-hide it somewhere else for another person to find.

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Don’t worry if you can’t participate today – this is an activity that can be enjoyed at any time of the year – an idea to keep your children busy during
the summer holidays!

There are many rock painting Facebook groups – their top tips are: take a picture, post it on the group with some clues as to where you are hiding
it. The finder also posts a picture when they find a rock. Write on the back of your rock which Facebook group you belong to. The hider will then
know their rock has been found!

If you fancy getting involved, have a look at Love on the rocks UK Facebook group

You can also search for Love Rocks and your town/area on Facebook to find a local group near you.

A simple way of bringing a smile to another person. Happy rock painting and finding!

You can find out more about how the concept of “Love Rocks” began here.

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