Why Transfer

Transfer to the UK's largest fostering family to gain access to the extensive support and training we offer all foster carers across our 14 agencies.

National where we can, local when it matters’

If you’re already a foster carer, you can switch to one of our 14 exceptional agencies and begin the most fulfilling and rewarding adventure of a lifetime.

With over two decades of experience in foster care, our family of 14 high-quality IFAs work as one team to help find and offer continual support for dedicated foster carers like you who are able to provide a safe and supportive environment for the hundreds of children and young people across the UK still looking for their forever home.

If you are currently caring for a young person, you are still able to join the National Fostering Group. We will talk to you about the circumstances of the placement, and help you make the move without affecting the bond you’ve built up with your existing foster child.

Our fostering agencies’ impeccable track record

In England, we are extremely proud of the fact that 100% of our regional fostering services have been officially recognised by Ofsted as either ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’. Our high standards of foster care are equally highly regarded by the Care Inspectorate for Scotland and the Care Inspectorate for Wales.

Committed local support

NFA Group foster carers benefit from our agencies’ combined ability to provide an enviable and esteemed foster carer support network at both a local and national level.

Locally, you will have access to a team within your community, of fostering professionals including a dedicated supervising social worker (SSW), who are in turn supported by regional managers, while nearby support groups and carer mentors are always on hand for additional advice should you be earlier on in your foster carer adventure, or even to refresh your learnings from a previous agency.

If you are looking for a fresh challenge when considering a move to a new agency, you can also benefit from our dedicated support service which is available to provide professional assistance for specialist care areas. This can often be an invaluable part of your preparation to take on vulnerable children and young people with more challenging needs than you may have seen when fostering with other agencies. We believe all foster carers come to us with a unique set of abilities, skills and talent. We will be here, to help you grow and become an expert in many different types of fostering.

Because children are the heart of everything we do, we provide our foster carers with everything they need in which to create a comfortable and nurturing home environment for them.

Moving to one of our agencies will see you benefit from:

  • 24-hour telephone support
  • Training opportunities to become an expert
  • A generous fostering allowance
  • Membership to The Fostering network – where you will find professional advice on all things fostering
  • Legal protection insurance
  • Positive relationships with all Local Authorities across the UK
  • Regular foster carer’s news and information

“We get regular supervision with our Social Worker and we know we can always phone the office and there is always someone there who can give you some guidance or some support”.

Tina - National Fostering Group Carer

National expertise

Our family of fostering agencies, whilst benefitting from a local community feel, also benefit strongly from our national presence.

We have head and regional offices across the UK, filled with passionate and dedicated team members who undertake much of the administrative aspects of fostering when you apply to become a foster carer with us.

As well overseeing the process of enquiries, applications and training support for our foster carers, our central and regional support services play a key part in both maintaining current fostering services and rolling out new initiatives with backing from some of the most experienced fostering partners and industry professionals in the world.

Making the move from your current agency to our fostering family therefore means that you are guaranteed expert, round-the-clock local support.

This is coupled with the backing of a nationally recognised fostering family which enable you to focus solely on what you have done best in the past, which is making sure children and young people in your care are as happy and as empowered as they can possibly be, while you leave us to do the rest!

Talk to us and find out more

We’re happy to answer all your questions about fostering with The National Fostering Group so get in touch to find out everything you need to know.