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Ryancare is an independent fostering agency with a genuine family feel. We look after more than 25 children and work with over 20 foster carers in South, East and North London, around the M25 and Croydon and into Essex. Founded in 2002, we have been part of National Fostering Group since 2020.

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5A Wellington Road
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0800 7747901

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Our relatively small size means that we’re able to get to know all of our foster carers, foster children and staff individually. The whole team works together to support one another and help the young people and foster carers to grow and develop.

We offer a full range of fostering opportunities for approved foster carers, including short term, long-term, respite, plus fostering types that demand special skills, such as parent a child, children with disabilities and remand fostering.

Ryancare staff and foster carers have a real sense of belonging. We are a relatively small, family-orientated agency and our foster carers are a tight-knit and supportive group.

People don’t feel like they’re just a number here – we build strong relationships with all our foster carers and young people and they feel valued and supported. We trust them and they trust us.

As manager, I’m particularly proud of the diversity of our foster carers, which is vital to meet the diverse needs of our young people.

Bridget Bradley, Registered Manager

Our foster carers can claim a wide range of perks and benefits, like free membership to The Fostering Network, Max Cards, high street discounts, invitations to family activities and events, and much more.

People from all walks of life become foster carers. You can help to inspire a generation of vulnerable children and young people to find their way in the world and help us build an incredible future for them. If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer with Ryancare, please get in touch with us today

OFSTED report

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Foster carers are part of a team working with the child and they contribute well to the care-planning and decision-making processes


Many of the carers have been with us for a long time – some since Ryancare was founded in 2002. There is a sense of stability and familiarity, with people being there for each other to offer support and encouragement when things get tough.

Foster carers value the support provided, which includes a generous financial package and comprehensive training. We believe both are vital to enable foster carers to do the job they need to do without worrying. We are full of praise for the way foster carers stepped up to provide support and home schooling to foster children during lockdown.


Some of the agency’s children have been with the same foster families for more than 10 years, reflecting our commitment to placement stability. Supervising social workers and managers do whatever they can to prevent placements from breaking down, including putting in place additional support for foster carers and young people if they need it.


Activities for young people are offered throughout school holidays and we offer a festival allowance so foster children can celebrate important cultural dates in the calendar. We also host social events during the summer and at Christmas time.

Strong relationships

Ryancare is particularly proud of our warm, personal touch. Several foster carers who left the agency recently returned after recognising that such strong one-to-one relationships and supportive back-up is not always available in other fostering settings.

We ensure there is always someone on the end of the phone to talk to who is familiar with the foster carer and their children. Transparent, honest communication underpins everything we do. This helps to build a sense of belonging and helps people feel we are all moving in the same direction.

Everyone knows what is expected of them. Ultimately, it is all about helping young people and foster carers to achieve their potential and we celebrate even small achievements to show our appreciation and recognise growth.


Alongside basic mandatory training, the agency offers a comprehensive range of courses that foster carers choose from depending on the type of children they have. They might learn about managing challenging behaviours, for example, or understanding attachment. There’s also specialist therapeutic training which results in a nationally-recognised qualification.

Additional support for foster carers

We are committed to retaining our strong family focus and as well as appreciating the additional support that being part of National Fostering Group provides – in particular, additional therapeutic support for young people, additional online education and greater availability of respite for our foster carers.

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