Our history and fostering agencies

Throughout our journey to become the largest and best independent provider of foster care in the UK, we have joined forces with other established fostering agencies.

Our story is founded in the dedicated service of our local fostering agencies, many who have 20 years of history and experience in their own right.  They give us excellent coverage in all regions and ensure our foster carers and the children they look after have access to the best services.

In 2019, NFA Group, including the National Fostering Agency and Acorn Care and Education, united with Outcomes First Group, Hillcrest, Options and Sunflower services to create today’s unified Outcomes First Group.

Our fostering agencies

We are proud to be a national company with such strong local agencies. Our local teams are tight-knit groups of care professionals of a very high standard and experience. They provide the highest-quality fostering solutions for local authorities and foster carers, from initial enquiry through to carer approval, training and continued support.