Vision and commitment

We focus on the quality of foster care provision to achieve our aim of building incredible futures for vulnerable children and young people.

Our vision for fostering

National Fostering Group is committed to building incredible futures for vulnerable children and young people in the UK by empowering them to be happy and make their way in the world.

We achieve this by providing foster parents with excellent skills and genuine commitment, who can give children in need a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where they can thrive and be happy.

Our commitment to carers

National Fostering Group believes in providing support that allow our carers to focus on the well-being and care of their foster child. To this end, we offer our carers:

  • Great local agency coverage for support and training
  • Excellent free training, including specialisms
  • Supportive local teams, buddy systems and peer networks
  • Fair pay
  • Mockingbird therapeutic care framework for extra support

Mockingbird fostering programme

The Mockingbird Family Model was developed by The Mockingbird Society in America in 2004. National Fostering Group applies its therapeutic method to support our foster carers support a child or young person in their care.

Mockingbird is a unique fostering wraparound service. It places an experienced carer in a position to support up to ten satellite fostering families and carers. This support comes in the form of specialist training, confidential therapy sessions, emergency respite, and mentoring on a round-the-clock availability basis. It places importance on regular contact with birth families and maintains a close community feel using social events.

Our Pledge

As part of the Outcomes First Group, the leading children’s care provider in the UK, National Fostering Group is committed to these pledges.

  • Keep children, young people and adults safe and care well for them
  • Help children, young people and adults to get a good education (to help them achieve and enjoy their education)
  • Help children, young people and adults to be healthy and enjoy their lives
  • Support children, young people and adults with their future and next adventure

National Fostering Group Quality and Impact Report

Our annual Quality and Impact report really demonstrates the impact of the incredible work we do with the children, young people we care for, and showcases the many achievements and highlights in 2020.

Read our full Quality and Impact Report here