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Interview with Mr and Mrs Hussein from Yorkshire

Thursday 24 March 2016

“Me and my wife have thought about fostering for a number of years. So we did some research into different fostering agencies and called NFA after reading through their website.

From the moment we called the National Fostering Agency they have been fantastic. The recruitment officer answered any question that we had and immediately put us at ease. The social worker came to see us and went through the whole process and told us it would take about 4 months. At all times, the social worker answered our questions and queries, in a professional and friendly manner.

We were then invited to a 3 day training course which we attended. This course was amazing as it was all hands on training with theory used in practice. During this process we made some amazing friends with other potential carers. After the training we felt much more confident and the training was just amazing!

We were invited to panel, where we would be approved or declined as foster carers and this is something we were very nervous about and we didn’t sleep much the night before. Our social worker answered many questions regarding our assessment and we were then asked some questions we felt prepared and comfortable to answer. We were approved!

Now we are waiting for our first placement and we are very excited and can’t wait to get started. The National Fostering Agency has supported us all the way. If we had to do the whole process again, we would definitely go with NFA!”

1. Why did you decide to become foster carers?

“We have always wanted to become foster carers after knowing a couple of people in the role. We were both very lucky to have a loving family who have supported us in our wish to foster and this helped.”

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2. Why did you choose The National Fostering Agency?

“We looked at and called a few agencies. NFA was very quick to call us back and the service was very friendly and personal from the start.”

3. Are you happy with your decision to go with The National Fostering Agency?

“Absolutely, yes!”

4. What did you enjoy most about the process?

“I would say the fact the process was very through, we went over all our past again and remembered things we hadn’t spoken about for long time. The assessor was very flexible and worked the assessment around our current family and work dairies. We made a lot of friends on the way who we have already called and spoken to about the process. The training ad the trainer were fantastic and we look forward to doing more training throughout our time with NFA.”

5. Can you recommend any improvements to the NFA process?

“Honestly, no!”

6. How did you find going through panel?

“At first it was a big shock, we thought the panel was going to be via video link however at the last minuet it was changed and we met the panel members face to face. Although this was daunting we felt it made the ending to the process all the more personal and each and every panel member was very friendly and put us at ease.

7. What would you say to anyone thinking about fostering?

“Make that first enquiry – You will be glad you did.”

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Find out if you could be a foster carer
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