Meet Ceri

Saturday 02 February 2019

Hi, I’m Ceri.

Me and my husband Michael have been Foster Carers for Alliance since 2014.

We’re also adoptive parents and knew that experience would be something we could use and build on as carers.

Before fostering, I was a deputy payroll manager and Michael runs his own property business — so it was a huge jump to make.

But we’re so glad we did.

We’re currently caring for two girls aged 10 and 14 and in the last four years we’ve fostered three children and offered respite to a further ten.

Each one had their own unique issues and we’ve had to adapt as parents — what works with one youngster doesn’t necessarily work with another!

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With teens for example — it’s not just raging hormones, there’s also the minefield of social media, school and friendships.

It’s a challenge we were prepared to take on — and one that’s really paid off for us as the girls have settled into our family well.

Changing lives

The support from Alliance has been invaluable throughout — especially at challenging times.

It’s more than just caring for the children — they’ve been there for the various meetings we’ve had to attend, offering advice and guidance where necessary.

And the right training is also essential to help you manage the day-to-day challenges of fostering — Alliance’s covers a wide range of subjects.

Attending these courses and the support of our supervising social worker helps us to care for our children in so many ways.

So, from sitting in an office four years ago to today, my life couldn’t be more different.

Doing the school run, dealing with difficult teenage issues, meeting with various specialist professionals, ongoing training — the list is endless.

But would I go back to the old days?

Not in a million years — I love my job and I’m very proud to tell anyone who asks:

I am a foster carer.