A Week in The Life of a Fostering Family – Told by Foster Carers: Wayne and Sharon

C is fully compliant with his weekday schedule. He generally gets up around 9 – 9.30, brushes his teeth and plays on his Xbox or watches YouTube until we encourage him to come and have some breakfast. At 1 o clock, his internet is disabled until 4 during which time he does some school work, has lunch and does whatever tasks we set for him. He was initially very dependent on my involvement in his school work but in the last couple of weeks he has been working much more independently. He regularly does some practice on his times tables and although his progress is slow, his attention to the task is much improved. He does some science work on a home learning resource provided by school and we encourage him to do 3 short modules per day and print out the certificate for each once completed. When he gets 15 certificates at 90% or over, he gets an additional 5 pounds pocket money which he likes to spend on his fortnight game. He is continuing to do his piano lessons but he is starting to find this quite challenging now and quickly loses his patience but I am trying to encourage him to continue and not give up. He wants to move on to the guitar so we might look at this if things become problematic.

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After 4, he generally returns to his Xbox before he has his tea unless I can lure him away with a game of chess, monopoly or other activity. We have tea around 6 and then I play with him for an hour or two before he settles down for bed at 10. He drags out the bedtime routine as long as he can, trying to keep my attention for as long as possible but it ends when I walk out of the room and we shout back and forth “Goodnight, Love you, goodnight, Love you”, always 4 times!

We are now starting to get out more and he has been going out on his bike to the park. We have told him that since he has been so well behaved and agreeable with everything that is going on, we are going to buy him a new bike in the coming weeks and of course it is also his birthday soon so he is full of expectation.

Health wise he continues to eat and sleep well. He has been off his medication since the start of the lockdown and I have a phone appointment scheduled with his Dr on 8th July to discuss his medication moving forwards. He is definitely putting on weight now he is not taking his medication, I can tell when I lift him into bed each night! His Enuresis has lessened as he is much less insistent about having a drink during the evening and listens to our advice. We did have it down to just a couple of occurrences a month although this is on the increase now that the weather is getting hot and he is more active and wanting to drink more. He was suffering some significant nose bleeds over the period of a week which I think was the result of the dry air and high pollen at the time. A humidifier in his room seems to have resolved this and I got the LAC nurse to speak with him on the phone to alleviate his concerns.

He has made a couple of face time calls to his mum, playing the piano for her and engaging in general chit chat. I will organise a contact with siblings again this week and mum if C wants.

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