Fostering Blog – Clair and Sharon

We looked at a few fostering agencies before choosing Pathway, what helped us to decide was the reactions and responses we got from talking to each organisation. Pathways were the only ones that did not pause to answer when we asked how they felt about same sex couples fostering.

We talked a lot about fostering and being a same sex couple and how others and the young people would be with it. We wanted to make sure that any young person staying with us would feel comfortable and supported by us both. So far it’s all been positive we find the best way is just to be ourselves as it really only becomes an issues if you make it one. We have had children ask us about both why we are a same sex couple and why we foster, we just answer honestly and openly.

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At the end of the day we are just an ordinary couple who foster! We have had nothing but support and encouragement from the agency and other carers.

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