Apply to be a foster carer

Your home visit

We will arrange to meet with you and your family at your home for an Initial Home Visit.

Getting to know you

The Initial Home Visit is designed to get to know you better – and so you can get to know us too.

During the home visit, a qualified member of our team will discuss your expectations of being a foster carer. They will share more in-depth information about what the role of a foster carer entails. They will also talk about the importance of fostering and the circumstances that lead children into foster care.

Ask all the questions you like

We’ll briefly assess the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home so we can see how a child could benefit from living there. This includes the bedroom your foster child will have exclusive use of. Read more about spare rooms and fostering before you get in touch with us.

We’ll also start gathering more information about you and your immediate family, which will help prepare you for the rest of the application process.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need to during this visit. Our intention is that you come away from this meeting feeling that you understand fostering and what it will mean to you and your existing support network of family and friends.

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