Foster carer assessment

Your assessing social worker will work with you to complete Form F and prepare you for the panel meeting and the requirements of fostering.

Regular visits to build a good picture

This assessment is officially called a Form F. It is completed by your assessing social worker. It outlines the basis of your suitability to be a foster carer with National Fostering Group, and details all your skills and experiences.

In short, we work alongside you to document the reasons why your home would be a positive environment for children and young people to live in, and why you would make a great foster parent.

During the assessment stage your assessing social worker will make regular planned visits over a period of eight to ten weeks to both share and gather information.

This stage of the assessment is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the role of a foster carer. This is just as important we us getting to know more about you and your family members, who will play a pivotal role in a foster child or young person’s care.

It was a pleasure getting to know the family during the assessment process as we built up a close trusting relationship where we can be open and honest with each other. We now have this as to day-to-day support/advice - as I have beome their Supervising Social Worker.

Michael, Supervising Social Worker, National Fostering Group

References and checks

Finally, we will need to collate several personal references and complete medical, financial and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

All applicants require a medical check at their local GP, all costs of this are covered by the National Fostering Group. If you have submitted a joint application, both parties must complete a medical. This is not an in-depth health check, it is simply to ensure the applicant or applicants are fit and able to look after children. Your previous medical history will not be given to us, your GP will simply give us recommendations and let us know of any barriers that may affect you becoming a foster carer.

Before the next stage, you will also need to go through your finances with a social worker. This isn’t a credit check as such, it is more of an overview of your current financial situation, for example making sure your mortgage or rental payments are up to date. This is to guarantee stability for the child or children you may take care of.

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