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Foster carer assessment

Your assessment is known as Form F. The information on it will be used to support your fostering application. Foster carers find this exploratory process is helpful.

Form F

After you’ve submitted an application form, you’ll be allocated a supervising social worker to complete your Form F.

This stage is an in-depth process of discovery. We need to be thorough, for everyone involved. However, while it can feel a little intense, many potential foster carers find it therapeutic and useful to their future role.

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It was a pleasure getting to know the family during the assessment process as we built up a close trusting relationship where we can be open and honest with each other. We now have this as to day-to-day support/advice - as I have become their supervising social worker.

Michael, supervising social worker

Regular visits to build a good picture

Form F is an assessment report completed by your assessing social worker. It outlines the basis of your suitability to be a foster carer with National Fostering Group, and details all your skills and experiences.

We work alongside you to document the reasons why your home would be a positive environment for children and young people to live in, and why you would make a great foster parent. We also get to know more about you and your family members, who will play a pivotal role in a foster child or young person’s care.

During this stage, your assessing social worker will make regular planned visits over a period of eight to ten weeks to both share and gather information.

The application process took about 5 months and though the assessment sounds really daunting, my assessor was great. She led me through each step and made it very straightforward. I am now ready to foster and looking forward to my first placement.

Katy, foster carer

This stage of the assessment is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the role of a foster carer.

The questions you’ll be asked will be probing but your assessor will do their best to make you feel as relaxed as possible. They are designed to find out how fostering might impact you and your family, including your own children, so it’s important to answer fully and honestly.

Form F is a mandatory requirement for all fostering applications, regardless of which independent fostering agency you register with. You’ll be able to review your Form F before it’s passed to the Fostering Panel ahead of your interview.

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