Becoming a foster carer in Yorkshire and the Humber

Join us today and discover how big a difference you can make by fostering a child in your area.

Could you be the one to give a loving foster home to one of Yorkshire and the Humber’s 1,500 children in need? With the support of our fostering community, which Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’, it’s easier than you may think to get started with fostering.

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Fostering in the Yorkshire and Humber region is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your community. Hundreds of children and young people are brought into social care every year, and you stand to make a real difference to a young life by opening your heart and home to a child in need.

Someone who understands the value and importance of fostering is Emma, our local fostering expert for Yorkshire and the Humber. As a birth child of foster carers and a foster carer herself, Emma knows all there is to know about fostering, and is here to help you succeed as a dedicated foster carer in Yorkshire and the Humber.

We get that choosing to foster is a big decision, which is why our regional fostering experts are always on hand to help with your questions and concerns. Call us today on 0808 284 9227 and we’ll be happy to set you on the path to becoming a foster carer in Yorkshire.

Talk to us today by filling out our contact form. We’ll give you a call, answer any questions you have and go from there.

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Where You’ll Find Us

From Hull to York, Sheffield to Leeds and everywhere in between, we work with local authorities across Yorkshire and the Humber, bringing 24/7 help and support and a full roster of specialist training programmes to our local fostering families.

Liaising closely with our regional fostering training coordinator, Ali, you’ll receive ongoing support and training to continue improving your skills as a foster carer. Ali travels across the region, offering refresher courses and specialist training provision to foster families who want to build on their knowledge and become more effective at taking care of a broad mix of children and young people.

As well as 24-hour support from social workers and foster care experts, NFA foster carers in Yorkshire and the Humber can also join support groups at local training centres. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded foster families, and share stories and advice on your 

Training venues
Support group centres

Are You Fostering Material?

Fostering in Yorkshire and the Humber takes all sorts, and whether you’re suitable or not isn’t down to formal qualifications. You don’t need any. All you need is the right point of view and to be over 21.

To find out if you’re up to the task, take our short quiz.

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It sounds like you’ve got the love to give and the time to spare. So we’d love to invite you to start your journey as a foster carer with us.

You need to be able to answer ‘yes’ to all the questions in our quiz to become a foster carer. Get in touch for some friendly advice about making the necessary changes to start your journey with us

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What Would You Like to Know?

There’s nothing quite like the challenges and rewards of fostering, but we understand that taking that all-important first step can be a very big decision. To help you start your journey with complete peace of mind, talk to us on 0808 284 9227 or read our FAQs below to get the information you need.

What’s it like to be a foster family?

To find out more about what it’s like to foster a child, take a look at our inspiring stories of NFA foster carers in Yorkshire and the Humber and beyond. Their challenges, successes and journeys of discovery will soon be things you can relate to.

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My husband Mike and I currently foster a 17-year-old unaccompanied asylum seeking young person called David.

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Laura came to us straight from hospital as a 2-year-old who was the size of a 3-month old baby due to severe neglect.

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