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Fostering Panel meeting

A Fostering Panel carries out a final check of all the information that has been gathered throughout the assessment process and makes its recommendation.

What is a Fostering Panel?

Once your assessment and Skills to Foster training are complete, your Form F report and background checks are given to a group of fostering, educational and care professionals, known as a Fostering Panel.

Panel meetings take place at your local fostering office or a venue close by. You are invited to attend and your assessing social worker will be at your side to offer support throughout.

What happens at your Fostering Panel meeting?

The purpose of the panel is so they can carry out one final check of all the information that has been gathered throughout the assessment process.

You will probably be asked questions during the panel process. Your assessing social worker will have worked with you in advance to help prepare you. The panel will then consider your assessment and make their recommendation.

Once the panel agrees with your local agency’s recommendation to approve your foster carer application, it will then be passed to the Agency Decision Maker (ADM). The ADM’s role is to ensure children are safeguarded correctly and will appropriately challenge the agency and Panel when making a final decision. You will be informed at the panel whether you are being recommended as approved to the ADM.

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