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You’ve probably spent a bit of time looking through our website. If you’re interested in learning more or starting your application to become a foster carer, your next step is to get in touch.

How this works

We mean it when we say we support you through your application and into your role as a foster carer. All you need to do is drop us a quick message using our enquiry form and we’ll go from there.

You’ve got the options of asking for:

  • A call back; or
  • An information pack.

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There is no other job like fostering. You can physically see the difference you are making in these children, from the day they come to you to the say they leave, you know you have made some sort of difference. The cherry on top of the cake is when they come back to you years later and say ‘you were right’ or even just a simple ‘thank you’ it reminds you the tough times are worth it.

Harry, foster carer

The information pack

You might like to go over or reflect upon some key topics in your own time. The information pack is emailed to you once you’ve submitted the contact form.

It covers many topics you might have questions about, like fostering with pets and the requirements and criteria to foster (including queries about LGBT+ fostering, renting, religion, age and spare bedrooms). It also covers other topics, such as:

  • Why children need fostering
  • How we match foster children to their carers
  • More about our vision and mission
  • How we give our foster carers the best support – so that our foster children get the best outcomes.

If you don’t want an information pack at this stage, that’s okay. You can submit the form again at a later date and request one, or simply ask your local fostering agency contact to email you a copy.

A call back

If you ask for a call, a member of your local agency team will call you back as soon as they can. This will be either the registered manager or a carer recruitment officer. They’ll be based at our most local office to you.

Whoever you speak to will go over the process of becoming a foster carer again. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions – for example, about the fostering allowance or free training.

At this point, if you’re ready to proceed with your application, you can use this call to arrange an initial home visit.

Next: Your home visit

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