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NFA Wales operates across the whole of Wales having our largest group of foster carers based in South and Mid Wales around Cardiff, Valleys and Swansea. We are able to offer an active service in the Welsh Language to our foster carers with social workers and our practice manager being first-language Welsh speakers. We support foster carers to provide a service to children from Wales within their local community.

We provide local support to our foster carers which includes support groups, breakfast clubs, well-being activities and activities for children.

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Solva House
Springmeadow Road, Springmeadow Business Park

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02921 672 899

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Our agency covers the whole of Wales offering support to foster carers and children within their local community. Every foster carer is allocated an experienced supervising social worker who can offer a responsive support service and help foster carers to provide the best support and promote positive outcomes for children. Our staff understand some of the challenges of the fostering role and ensure you can access the support services you need whether from the local authority or from NFA Well-being hub.

Supporting our foster carers is one of our highest priorities in NFA Wales. Through our Foster Carer Forum meetings which meet on a quarterly basis, we ensure we offer carers the support they need and gain our foster carer’s views on how best to develop the service. Along with our Ambassador service offering peer support to carers, the Foster Carer Forum ensures carers are at the heart of NFA Wales operating the best service possible to carers and children and young people.

Ann-Marie Browning, Regional Manager

NFA Wales

Datganiad o Ddiben

We have informative guides for children and young people aged between 5 - 10 and 11 - 18 you may find interesting.

High levels of support

Despite size and geographical challenges, we are proud of the high level of support given to foster carers. Standard weekly calls and monthly visits increase in frequency if the foster carer is experiencing problems and there is someone available on the phone 24/7 to offer help and advice.

Local support groups are run by supervising social workers; some of them are specialist support groups, including one for unaccompanied asylum seekers. Foster Care Ambassadors fulfil a valuable mentoring and buddying role to less experienced carers. This all helps to create a family feel – which is normally only found in smaller agencies.

Therapeutic Support

NFA Wales support therapeutic foster care and to ensure our foster carers receive the best support possible they can access psychological expertise from our therapeutic well-being hub. All foster carers are able to complete therapeutic foundation training which informs carers how to better understand the experiences of children who are looked after and promote their well-being.

Caring for our carers

We value the contribution of our foster carers within NFA Wales and offer a series of engagement events to ensure we build positive relationships. All members of the staff team spend time meeting our foster carers and children, so we are able to offer the support needed. We arrange regular breakfast and lunch meet-ups with carers and also organise annual events to celebrate the fantastic contribution of our carers.


Our approach means we have good retention levels for foster carers, some of whom have been with the National Fostering Agency Wales for 10-15 years. We also achieve good placement stability, which means better outcomes for children. We pride ourselves on our open learning and communication culture.


We know that sometimes problems can arise and when they occur, we work as a team to resolve issues at an early stage. Foster carers can raise concerns directly with any staff in the agency. We are always there to listen and improve the service we deliver. We offer foster carer forums to gain the views of our carers and also carry out regular surveys online which we can use to develop better services for carers and children and young people. We know that by supporting our carers they are better able to support the children and young people they care for.

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Office Updates

  • Youth Forum
    We are setting up a Youth Forum for children age 13 years. Our initial forum was arranged virtually during the pandemic but will now be face to face. The purpose of this forum is to support young people and get their views on how we can improve their engagement and participation. We are also able to offer children the Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) Award Scheme (from the age of 14 years onwards). We can also signpost young people to where they can access support with careers guidance and educational resources.
  • Ambassador Scheme
    The assessment process of becoming a foster carer is a very intrusive assessment, therefore we link you with an experienced foster carer who can support and guide you through the fostering process. They are happy to discuss their real life experiences of fostering 24/7 and how it has impacted on them and their family. The frequency of the contact they have with you will depend on what you want, it may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. They will be happy to talk to you over the telephone or meet you face to face.
  • Wellbeing Session
    Fostering can be an isolating role, especially if you are new to fostering. Nfa like to look after their foster carers and like to promote their well-being. In January, we arranged for 6 Cardiff & Vale beauty students to deliver some aromatherapy massages to our foster carers in Cardiff. We had several foster carers attend the session. The students provided massages on foster carers hands, shoulder and backs. The session was enjoyed by all and foster carers went home feeling relaxed and valued. The students from the college enjoyed chatting to our foster carers whilst they undertook their massages. The students were pleased as they had all been observed by their Tutor doing several different massage techniques, meaning those observations could be signed off. We are hoping to Cardiff and Vale college will attend Swansea office next year to deliver the same session to Swansea carers.

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